Returns & Exchanges

You may cancel an order any time prior to processing. You may return any of your products for a full refund (not including fees for shipping, and/or promotional value) subject to the terms and conditions for returns for each of our products.

Refunds will be issued in the form of the original payment. If you purchased a product using an promo code, the dollar value of the promo code will not be refunded or credited back if any or all products are returned.

Unless a product exchange is requested due to a manufacturing defect or warranty claim, exchanges are processed as return and refund requests as described herein. After returning the product to be exchanged, you may place an order for the replacement product. You may only request one exchange. No refunds will be given for fees for shipping.

If you wish to return any products you purchased from us, please submit a return request or email Customer Support. Once the products have been returned and if such products fulfill the terms and conditions herein, you will be refunded the entire amount paid for such products less the value of (i) any promo code or other discounts, and/or (ii) fees for shipping.

These terms and conditions apply to product returns and/or exchanges as described, and no returns will be accepted if the products do not meet these conditions: