Our Story + Mission

Hi, we're Jeremy + Ashlyn, the founders of PuppyzZz! If you have a moment, we would love to share with you the story of how and why we created this business.

Let's introduce you to the pups!

  • Meet Mingo

    Mingo is a Chihuahua that our family adopted in 2009.

  • Meet Sonny

    Sonny is a Shih Tzu mix that our family adopted in 2012.

Mingo, our family dog has been through hell and back, literally. Mingo and his brother Paco (rhymes with taco), were both adopted by my wife's family back in 2009. After a few years, both of them came down with a severe case of Parvo. Unfortunately, Paco didn't survive. Their vet told us that Mingo's case of parvo would decrease his life span by half. Little did that vet know, Mingo is a fighter!

Mingo was depressed and needed a companion, so we adopted Sonny into our family shortly after Paco's passing. Sonny immediately fit right in, him and Mingo became best friends! The two were inseparable, always by each others side.

Sonny unexpectedly passed away in 2021, when Mingo was 12. Roughly two months later, Mingo went missing. He slid through a small opening in our backyard fence. He was later found at the human society, after being hit by a firetruck (We live near the fire department). Unfortunately, the vet had to remove half his tail due to injuries. Needless to say, he struggles with severe anxiety and suffers from arthritis. We started looking for a bed that could help reduce his anxiety, and one that would be easy on his joints.

After months of failing to find a quality bed, we started doing more research into anxiety reducing bed designs. After ordering samples from multiple manufacturers, we eventually found a bed that checked all of the boxes. We immediately noticed a improvement in Mingo's quality of sleep, and he was much less shaky!

We ordered some more of the beds and gave a few to our friends and family, who's dogs suffered from anxiety and joint issues. They saw positive improvements as well, and we knew we were on to something. We went all in and ordered 320 calming dog beds as our first, big order. And the rest is history! Mingo is now 14 years old, sleeping on his PuppyzZz calming dog bed every night!